Municipality Bačice

Municipality Bačice consists of two parts - Bačice and Udeřice.

These two parts stand out as one municipality since 1960. In 2004, there were 197 inhabitants.


History of both parts is described in book named Vlastivěda moravská (History of Moravia).

Municipalities belonged to castle Bítov. In 1307, the castle and the municipalities were dedicated to lord Remunt of Lichtenberg by czech king Jindřich (Henry).

Elementary school was established in 1897. Number of pupils varied around 80 that time. The school is closed since 1999 due to insufficient birth rate in last two decades.

Municipality heraldry and flag come out from historical seal:


Municipality is situated in south-eastern part of Vysočina Region. Bačice is a rural community. The nearest larger place is the town of Hrotovice, where reside most of the local employers. Only handcrafts and small business develop in Bačice.

Young people, volunteer firemen and women's organization are the most active groups, participating on rich community social life. Former school was rebuilt and now serves as a social and sports facility.

Contact info:

Address:Obec Bačice
Bačice 36
675 55 Hrotovice
Phone:+420 568 864 587